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and mobilize your audience to take action.

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Public speaking is not a privilege.
It's a responsibility.

Have you ever secretly—or perhaps not so secretly—thought:

Who am I to think I could be a hotshot speaker? If you:

Attend industry meetings and conferences

Lead your own live or digital programs and events

Watch TED videos and fantasize about speaking on stage

You've likely heard a little inner voice questioning whether you've got the goods to be such a speaker.

Perhaps you are one of the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs or thought leaders who have applied to speak at big events. You know you've got a knockout talk or presentation inside of you, yet you continually hear, "You're just not the right fit for our event."

Or perhaps you don't ever hear back from event organizers and your confidence is waning. You're increasingly wondering, "Is it me? Is it my message?"

Why can't I make this dream a reality?

I know this exhausting, painful,
paralyzing self-talk too well.

For years, even though I was a speaker and a trainer, I lived my life with a nasty case of the Am I good enough's ?

A golden opportunity to give a big inspirational talk (in front of an audience that included Tony Hsieh and Gary Vaynerchuk!) shifted everything for me. For the first time I had the courage to drop the expert shtick (because I was so not the expert in the room). And instead, I prioritized telling my story, trusting my ideas, and I adopted a more authentic delivery style where I spoke with rather than at my audience.

I want you to let go of resistance you've encountered in the past and replace the thought, "Who am I to think I could be a hotshot speaker?" with:

Who am I to think I can't be a hotshot speaker?

If you know in your head, your heart, and the deepest reservoirs of your gut that your ideas can:

Amplify people’s success and life satisfaction

Move people to take big, bold action in their lives (or careers or businesses)

Or facilitate positive (and perhaps even radical) change in the world

You have a responsibility to get on stages and deliver your spotlight talk!

I'm here to help you do it

Alexia Vernon can help overcome your fear of speaking

Join thousands of visionary speakers in my Spotlight community!

My Your Spotlight Talk program with teach you EXACTLY how to find the idea you were born to speak about, develop it into a transformational speech, and identify the right venues where you can get booked to deliver it. Whether you want to use speaking to establish yourself as a go-to expert in your industry or to connect with potential clients, I’ll show you how to create the talk that only you can give.

When you enroll in Your Spotlight Talk, you are gifting yourself with:

Your Spotlight Talk Program Features

5+ hours of actionable talk development training

Your Spotlight Talk Program Features

5, 90-minute group coaching calls with Alexia

Your Spotlight Talk Program Features

Talk development, rehearsal and pitching templates

Your Spotlight Talk Program Features

PDF checklists and worksheets

Your Spotlight Talk Program Features

Access to the international Your Spotlight Talk Facebook community

Your Spotlight Talk Program Features

And oodles of BONUSES!

Praise for Alexia

Stefanie Frank Testimonial

Alexia has this uncanny ability to see straight into your core talent, and help you bring that out in a way that is unique, special and feels amazing. I’ve been coached by some “high end” coaches and had never seen this before. She cares more about her clients than any coach I’ve worked with, she’s bursting at the seams with knowledge about the speaking industry, and knows how to draw your best material out of you and help you shape it so you can put it out into the world in a way that connects with people (which drives results!). I cannot emphasize enough how valuable and life changing the opportunity to work with her is.

Stefanie Frank, Copywriter and TEDx Speaker

Christina Ambubuyog Testimonial

Working with Alexia was phenomenal. Even though I was comfortable teaching in front of groups, I definitely wasn't fully comfortable speaking in front of an audience. I knew I wanted to "find my voice," get cozy in my skin while on stage, and weave in the ability to tell stories for greater impact with my message. My time with Alexia provided me with that...and so much more.

Christina Ambubuyog, Founder of and TEDx Speaker

Sandi Herrera Testimonial

With Alexia's help, my speaking evolved into that of a woman who is vulnerable, yet articulate and inspirational. I use my Moxie skills to lead workshops with entire school communities, speak at national conferences, inspire others to articulate their individual core values, and make a difference. With continued guidance and support from Alexia I know that I am on the right path to changing the world one school at a time with the power of my voice!

Sandi Herrera, CEO, Got Core Values and TEDx Speaker

Heather Criswell Testimonial

I have been speaking to audiences for over a decade but had more to learn. From my first class in, I knew that Alexia's course was going to take me to places I have never been. Alexia is definitely in her "zone of genius." She has a compassionate yet powerful, unforgettable way of delivering advice and wisdom.

I am forever grateful to Alexia for allowing me the opportunity to learn, cry, share, grow, and expand as a speaker and a human being. I now believe, without a doubt, that my voice has the power to make a difference and help others feel good on this journey through life.

Heather Criswell, Author, Speaker, Founder of

Now, it's your time to step center stage and
transform the lives of your audience

Here's a breakdown of the adventure you will go on in Your Spotlight Talk

Module 01/Developing Your Talk, Pt 1: Content Creation

Identify your signature story so that you can pick the right "idea worth spreading" to develop your spotlight talk around.

Learn how to curate your experiences, work, ideas, and unique speaking style into the arc of an effective spotlight talk.

Develop your talk backwards from your call to action to your opening to create a detailed, working outline for your talk.

Demystify the top mistakes aspiring TED-style speakers make so that you get out of your own way and create a talk that gets you booked.

Module 02/Developing Your Talk, Pt 2: Refining Your Talk

Apply the structure that serves your message and the style that embodies your personality to your developing talk.

Explore a proven formula for scriptwriting and editing on your feet to get material in your bones and consistently delivered. (Heads up: you will NOT just memorize a script!)

Develop filter questions to refine your material so you can spot when content is exactly where it needs to be, when it needs support (i.e., research, anecdotes/examples, or quotes), and when it needs to move to another location or be eliminated altogether.

Determine whether or not to use slides, props and video—and if you do, ensure they enhance rather than detract from your talk.

Module 03/Booking Your Talk

Create a bang-up title for your talk so your video footage of it can go viral.

Identify which platforms would be best for your message—from TEDx and TED-style events to conferences and business summits, you will clarify your target audiences and learn how to reach them.

Develop a clear pitch for your talk so that event organizers and meeting planners are eager to book you.

Hear from event organizers to understand EXACTLY what they are looking for in prospective speakers.

Module 04/Delivering Your Talk

Eliminate nervousness and master presenting your talk by learning and practicing the top high performing speaker behaviors.

Create a day-of performance ritual that sets you up to feel 100 percent in your power to speak with clarity and maximum impact at show time.

Identify what to wear during your talk so that it supports your message and brand.

Leverage your spotlight talk to book future gigs and grow your platform and, if you are an entrepreneur, increase business revenue.

Once you decide you are IN and ENROLL, you'll receive access to a membership site where you will complete each of the 4 modules comprising Your Spotlight Talk. One new module will be released per week, beginning Monday, February 8th to Monday, March 6th, for four weeks. You'll watch and engage in several hours of video and audio training (Yes, I said 'engage' – this is interactive, baby!) and you will complete many different exercises to support you on your path to creating, booking, and delivering your talk. Then, on Thursday of each week from February 9, 2017 - March 9, 2017, you will have a group coaching call with me where I will provide feedback on your developing talk, provide recommendations to enhance your performance and support you with getting booked to speak. (All coaching calls will be from 9:00am-10:30am pacific and uploaded to your membership quarters in the event you cannot participate live.)

And here's the best part.

Whether you have a TEDx or business event you want to apply for in the next month or you have a percolating idea that you want to develop into your spotlight talk over the next few months, with lifetime access to the 4 modules and bonuses in the program you can complete and revisit Your Spotlight Talk whenever you like.

Stages My Clients and I Have Graced

Alexia Vernon Clients

Do you want LIVE coaching and training from me?

While I know that the Your Spotlight Talk virtual coaching program offers EVERYTHING a motivational, business or TED-style speaker needs to create a spotlight, one-of-a-kind talk (and the know-how to get booked and deliver it), I recognize that some people do their best work when I’m in the room with them. And…want to go even deeper into the business side of speaking.

Therefore, in 2017, I’m offering multiple tiers of Your Spotlight Talk depending on the level of support you crave.

Join me in Las Vegas from April 28-30, 2017 for The Spotlight MasterTreat!

During my 3-day event at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada (an international hotbed of convention and speaking activity), several dozen women will join me for my mastermind-meets-retreat for transformational speakers. (Note: While the first tier of Your Spotlight Talk is for women and men, the live component is just for the ladies.) If joining me for The Spotlight MasterTreat, you will:

TED Speakers need

Learn how to adjust your spotlight talk for TED-style talks, keynotes, business presentations, workshops, corporate trainings, webinars and retreats.

TED Speakers need

Discover exactly how to tell transformative stories during live (and virtual) presentations and leave with half a dozen stories to use in talks, keynotes, webinars and sales copy.

TED Speakers need

Explore your vocal range and possess a plan for using vocal variety to enhance your credibility, trust and persuasiveness when you speak.

TED Speakers need

Develop a classy stage offer that lets you effortlessly (and elegantly) enroll audience members into ongoing programs/opportunities with you.

TED Speakers need

Discover the key components of a speaker marketing kit – and how to create the necessary materials quickly and economically.

TED Speakers need

Demystify your authentic stage style and explore how to use your movement, non-verbal communication, clothing and accessories to make audience members adore and want to work with.

TED Speakers need

Create an aggressive and achievable 90-day speaking business plan to transfer your learning from the weekend into action.

Is this another “conference” or “pitch event?”


THERE WILL BE ZERO selling from my stage!

There will be few guest speakers (since I want to give you oodles of time directly with me), and those speakers you do hear briefly from have each been hand-picked by me to share relevant information with you. (Even though I have a lot of experience, you will benefit from some complementary perspectives.)

In addition, I’ve invited women in my Spotlight Speakers Collective speaking mastermind to support you by serving as breakout group coaches throughout the event. You will NEVER feel alone during The Spotlight MasterTreat because you will receive direct coaching and support throughout the experience from me and from your Alexia-trained coaching circle leader.

During The Spotlight MasterTreat, you will gussy up your spotlight talk, enhance your storytelling and speaking delivery, create a powerful (and achievable vision) for your speaking career, and forge lasting relationships with an elite community of women busting big moves across industries and sectors.

There will be built-in opportunities to rest and restore.

To move your body – and move through resistance.

To connect directly with me and, if you volunteer, receive a hot seat.

Illuminate your unique opportunities for speaking and stepping into thought leadership.

Within 6-12 months of their MasterTreat attendance, past participants have:

TED Speakers need

Delivered international keynotes for groups of CEOs

TED Speakers need

Published bestselling books

TED Speakers need

Hosted sold-out conferences

TED Speakers need

Secured top literary agents

TED Speakers need

Facilitated profitable corporate trainings

TED Speakers need

And delivered TEDx talks around the world

Your Spotlight Talk Enrollment Options

There are 3 ways to participate in Your Spotlight Talk in 2017. For those wanting to focus on creating and booking a spotlight talk, and/or who cannot make it to Las Vegas, you may join the fully virtual Your Spotlight Talk experience. (As a reminder, this tier is open to women and men.)

For women who want additional group coaching, the opportunity to receive intensive speaker performance training and to learn about the business of speaking (and create their own customized speaking action plan), I invite you to enroll in Your Spotlight Talk AND join me and several dozen women in Las Vegas from April 28-30, 2017 for The Spotlight MasterTreat.

And for those who want a level of access and visibility reserved for members of my Spotlight Speakers Collective mastermind and private mentorship clients, I invite you to join Your Spotlight Talk and The Spotlight MasterTreat at the VIP Level.

In addition to attending The Spotlight MasterTreat, up to 12 VIPs will:

TED Speakers need

Perform an excerpt of their spotlight talk on stage at The Spotlight MasterTreat in front of fellow attendees!

TED Speakers need

Receive professional videography and photography of their speaking performance to use to secure future speaking gigs!

TED Speakers need

Join me, the women in my Spotlight Speakers Collective mastermind, other VIP attendees and a handful of special guests (movers and shakers in the speaking and media world) for The Spotlight MasterTreat VIP Opening Night Reception!

TED Speakers need

And…stay 1 more day in Las Vegas to join me and a small group of visionary entrepreneurs, change agents and thought leaders on Monday, May 1, 2017 at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino for a half-day private mastermind.

During this special speaker mastermind, I’ll:

  • Pull back the curtains on my business
  • Share the exact ways I have created multiple streams of speaking revenue and built a multiple-six figure business
  • Give you laser coaching on your own profitable speaking plan

Praise for Your Spotlight Talk + The Spotlight MasterTreat

Nathalie Lussier Testimonial

Alexia is a master at bringing together an incredible group of women, pulling out their best, and helping them shape their speaking style. I was floored at the transformation she facilitated in one MasterTreat weekend and highly recommend her work. If you need help honing a talk, booking speaking gigs and making speaking profitable, work with her now. You can expect to be pushed to your edge and to grow both as a speaker and business owner.

Nathalie Lussier, Founder, AmbitionAlly

Varelie Croes Testimonial

As a woman in finance, there is nothing I love more than investing in high-value products like Your Spotlight Talk that deliver bottom-line results. Since completing this life changing program, I got clear on my story and message to the world, spoke at a global changemaker event at the World Bank and landed not one but TWO TEDx talks ( was voted favorite speaker at one of them!). This was all within just 12 months of signing up for YST. I am now invited to speak at major events all over the world (including at the United Nations). Coming from a corporate and legal background, my speaking style used to be very matter-of-fact (i.e., stiff). YST was exactly what I needed to craft and deliver my presentations in an authentic voice and a style that suits me, and I still go back to some of my favorite modules whenever I have a big speaking gig coming up to refresh.

Varelie Croes, CEO, The Liv Group and TEDx Speaker

Chris Darling Testimonial

I knew Your Spotlight Talk was going to help me figure out how to put together a talk - rather than be just another program on how to use speaking to grow your business. Alexia's video trainings and digital downloads were EXTREMELY helpful. I listened to every word...a few times! Alexia provides coaching, guidance and mentorship on not just your content but also on how to find your speaking style and master your delivery. Less than 6 months after completing the training (and then joining Alexia for her MasterTreat), I pitched myself, was picked and was standing on stage delivering a TEDx talk at TEDxWilmingtonSalon. For anyone considering enrolling in this program, know that you will NEVER find a better mentor or coach when it comes to crafting a TED-style talk, or any talk, than Alexia. She is a rare find. My confidence as a speaker has gone from zilch to..."Hey, I can really do this, AND do it well."

Chris Darling, Mental Health Advocate and TEDx Speaker

Rebecca Weaver

As someone who has done frequent public speaking throughout the course of my career, I have never been intimidated by the idea of public speaking, but Alexia's approach has completely changed my way of thinking. She has really enabled me to amp up my game. I now have the confidence and the right approach to connect with an audience in a completely new way. Your Spotlight Talk gave me a realistic framework with which to organize my thoughts and work through the crafting of my talk in a methodical way. At the same time, I had a ton of freedom to adapt the lessons to my own style and needs. The videos are incredibly comprehensive and are very easy to access. Alexia shares a ton of her own personal experiences, which makes the content and lessons feel totally accessible. And since completing the experience, in less than a year, I've spoken at Workforce Live and Worktech15 in San Francisco, SHRM chapters, multiple Rotary meetings, I emceed a fundraising gala for a nonprofit I support and… I delivered a TEDx talk. I highly recommend Alexia's courses and personal coaching if you're looking to unlock your own potential. Your expectations will be exceeded!

Rebecca Weaver, HR Disruptor, Entrepreneur and TEDx Speaker

Adria DeCorte

Before working with Alexia, my confidence slipped away when I was the center of attention, and I never spoke to a crowd without notes. Yet I secretly yearned to inspire. Your Spotlight Talk and The Spotlight MasterTreat were the keys to me taking the TEDx stage. While still completing the program I auditioned for a TEDx event (and killed it!), and just a few months later I was standing center stage delivering my TEDx talk. The beautifully produced videos that comprise Your Spotlight Talk are thorough but don't overwhelm - and Alexia provides a crucial speaking model throughout. From my experiences with Alexia I felt prepared for my TEDx event because I knew EXACTLY what to expect from the process. Alexia is honest and practical. She holds you accountable and pushes you to grow as a speaker while leading you to birth the most transformational version of your talk.

Adria DeCorte, Clarity and Visibility Coach and TEDx Speaker

Sara Bradford

What initially drew me to Your Spotlight Talk was Lex's brilliance. I knew her outside of just her speaking/teaching world, and I was drawn immediately to her wisdom and caring way. I honestly think I would have bought anything she offered. When I completed YST, it was just before I was to do a big speaking gig in Dallas at Off The Charts, and I'm not sure what I would have done without it. Lex's clear instruction and delivery was just what I was looking for to talk me off my fear-ledge. By following Lex's formula, I felt so good about my talk. And...IT WENT BRILLIANTLY. Trust. In. Lex.

Sara Bradford, Founder, Nourish Real Food


Tier One

Your Spotlight Talk

Tier Two

Your Spotlight Talk + The Spotlight MasterTreat

Tier Three

VIP Your Spotlight Talk + The Spotlight MasterTreat Experience
(Limited to 12)

4 video & digital training modules + SUCCESSwork™ illuminating how to create, book and perform a spotlight talk

5, 90-minute LIVE coaching calls (that will be recorded and uploaded to membership) to receive support with talk creation, speaker marketing and speaking performance

Membership in private, dynamic Your Spotlight Talk participant Facebook group

Done-for-you templates, cheat sheets and worksheets

3-day in person The Spotlight MasterTreat experience from April 28-30, 2017

Private The Spotlight MasterTreat Facebook group

3, 60-minute The Spotlight MasterTreat coaching circle calls (1 before and 2 after the live event)

Perform an excerpt of your spotlight talk at The Spotlight MasterTreat in front of all fellow participants

Receive professional videography and photography from The Spotlight MasterTreat performance to use in future speaker promotions

Experience a 60-minute, 1-on-1 speaker coaching session with Alexia to rehearse and refine spotlight talk before The Spotlight MasterTreat

Attend The Spotlight MasterTreat Opening Night Reception April 28, 2017 with fellow VIP attendees, Alexia, members of her Spotlight Speakers Collective mastermind, and movers and shakers in the speaking and media world

Private VIP half-day speakers mastermind with Alexia on May 1, 2017 in Las Vegas immediately following The Spotlight MasterTreat

6 recurring monthly payments of $145

Pay in full $750 and save $120!


4 recurring monthly payments of $387

Pay in full $1397 and save $151!


5 recurring monthly payments of $667

Pay in full $2997 and save $338!


Why Alexia and her Spotlight programs

While I love my work as a speaking coach, I often get bummed out when I meet aspiring spotlight speakers.

They confess how long they have been trying to become transformational speakers and book high quality speaking gigs…but have yet to see the results they desire.

They confide that they have been watching other people's presentations and trying to adopt what they witness and experience for themselves...but they just aren't getting the results they seek.

The reason these aspiring spotlight speakers aren't succeeding is because they are missing:

TED Speakers need

A keen understanding of how successful speakers argue on behalf of big, bold ideas and curate the right blend of stories, questions, slides and resources to be dynamite on stage.

TED Speakers need

The guidance of a masterful speaker, speaking coach (and former TEDxWomen organizer) who has 15+ years of experience presenting international keynotes, coaching aspiring and seasoned speakers, and who has built relationships with corporate, conference, TEDx and professional association bookers and event curators throughout the world.

Ted Speakers Need

A proven formula (and supporting templates) for preparing speaking pitches and completing TEDx, conference and corporate submissions.

So I'm throwing in some bonuses (to anyone who enrolls at any tier) to save you time and energy as you shift your speaking aspirations from dreams to reality.

Each bonus was created specifically for Your Spotlight Talk participants based on the areas of confusion and fear I've encountered over the years.

Your Spotlight Talk Bonuses
Sample Speaking Pitches

Bonus 01/Sample Speaking Pitches

How long it would take to pitch yourself to speak at a TEDx event, professional association, or women's conference? Now calculate the number of hours of coaching you'd invest at $100 per hour to get where you need to be. And now breathe a huge sigh of relief at this bonus.

These are real, actual pitches that my clients have successfully modeled to book speaking gigs! Save hours and several hundred dollars as you learn EXACTLY how to create pitches that make you irresistibly attractive to event organizers.

Classy Stage Offer Master Class Bonus

Bonus 02/Classy Stage Offer Master Class

While an "offer" is not a part of a traditional TED-style talk, in this LIVE, 90-minute master class, I will demystify how to add an offer to your spotlight talk when speaking to business and community audiences to enroll people into ongoing opportunities and experiences with you. From how to plant the seed for your offer during your presentation to how to speak your offer in a way that prompts immediate action, you will see how easy it is to create massive impact through your speaking (and generate substantial revenue while doing it!). I will share examples of the exact language I have used in my offers to generate tens of thousands of dollars from a single talk and support you to work through any anxiety that comes up when you think about making an offer on stage. (Note: This master class will be taped and uploaded to the membership area for you to revisit again and again.)

Ted Speakers Need

Bonus 03/Spotlight Talk Manuscripts with Notes

In this bonus you'll see real spotlight talks in different stages of progression. You can watch TED-style talks all day and all night, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, there's nothing more helpful than seeing an effective talk outlined. Or fully typed out. These manuscripts will simplify the talk development process for you.

Ted Speakers Need

Bonus 04/Speaking Meditations

Whether you need to quiet self-defeating self-talk or simply want to focus prior to your next gig, these downloadable meditations are designed to activate your vocal power and channel your physical energy to lay the foundation for high impact speaking.

Ted Speakers Need

Bonus 05/Dress for Speaking Success

Once you have your spotlight talk and you start booking speaking gigs, your next concern is likely to be, “What do I wear when I speak?” While I provide my recommendations and best practices in Module 4 of Your Spotlight Talk, nothing compares to receiving guidance from an image consultant who specializes in styling speakers for the stage. In this bonus, my own personal image consultant, Kathleen Audet (who has styled women in my speaking mastermind for their speaker reels), will provide her top tips to you. Through this digital guide, discover how to create outfits for the stage that allow you to position yourself as a trusted expert, that look great in photography and on video, and that support you in spreading the ideas you want to be known for.

Ted Speakers Need

Bonus 06/Spotlight Talk Community & Office Hours

Worried about how much support you will receive in the Your Spotlight Talk virtual training program? Don't be. After purchasing, you can request to join our special Facebook community for participants. You will be able to solicit feedback on your spotlight talk from other people mastering the process, plus you'll have 90 minutes with me each Thursday for 5 consecutive weeks (beginning Thursday, February 9) where you can get coaching, feedback and A's to your Q's. As a reminder, these coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded to the membership area for continued reference.

Extra bonuses for The Spotlight MasterTreat participants

Ted Speakers Need

Bonus 07/MasterTreat Coaching Calls

The Spotlight MasterTreat experience extends before and after the 3-day live event. Prior to The Spotlight MasterTreat, I’ll be facilitating a 2-hour coaching and training call to get attendees ready for the 3-day weekend. Then, after the live event, you will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual coaching circle with a small group of women and your The Spotlight MasterTreat small group coach. The circles will meet 2 times after the event to give you an opportunity for additional masterminding, support and accountability.

Ted Speakers Need

Bonus 08/Your Spotlight Webinar

Whether you are new or seasoned at using webinars to enroll prospective clients into virtual offerings or live events, in this 3-part master class series you will learn the structure for an effective webinar, how to utilize TED-style speaking to connect with your audience, and the key steps to execute a high converting offer.

Ted Speakers Need

Bonus 09/Private Coaching Session with Alexia

For anyone who enrolls in Tier 3, you will spend 60-minutes with me on video prior to The Spotlight MasterTreat. During this session, we will refine and run-through the excerpt of your spotlight talk that you will perform at The Spotlight MasterTreat and go over how best to prepare for your other special VIP opportunities (including attending the VIP Opening Night Reception and the exclusive, post-event private mastermind with me). This session will be taped so you can refer back to it.

More praise for Alexia and her Spotlight programs

Kathy Kortes Miller Testimonial

I attended one of Lex's MasterTreat weekends and benefited immediately from her uncanny ability to ask important questions, probe deeply and stretch me as a speaker and thought leader. Working with Lex, I critically examined and refined my speaking skills and learned to hone my abilities to successfully deliver my "idea worth spreading" into a variety of forms including a TEDx talk, workshops and keynotes I have facilitated locally, nationally and internationally for renowned professional associations and business groups. Lex also partnered with me as I created a book proposal which was promptly picked up by a literary agent. (And I was offered representation by multiple top agents in Canada, where I live!) Working with Lex is an adventure and a gift I would highly recommend you give yourself!

Kathy Kortes-Miller, Palliative Care Educator, Author and TEDx Speaker

Amy Jo Martin Testimonial

Alexia is incredible – strategically, tactically and emotionally. Her presence and guidance are unmatched. You're in the right place with what Alexia has built and launched!

Amy Jo Martin, Founder, Digital Royalty and NYT bestselling author

Halelly Azulay Testimonial

Wow! Alexia has really outdone herself with Your Spotlight Talk. This program is the real deal: it's holistic and comprehensive. From really strategic ways for mining business and life experiences for speaking material to quick and effective tips for building relationships with speaking decision makers, Your Spotlight Talk has EVERYTHING, and then some, that an emerging thought leader needs to develop a winning talk – and get booked to deliver it. I wish I'd had Alexia's program back when I was launching my speaking and training business. It will be a game-changer for sure!

Halelly Azulay, Leadership and Communication Author, Speaker, Facilitator, and President of TalentGrow LLC

Emily Bennington Testimonial

It's easy to look at charismatic speakers and think they have a gift, but in reality it's a skill. The only thing that can't be taught is passion but – as long as you bring that – I promise Lex will teach you the rest (and so much more!) in Your Spotlight Talk.

Emily Bennington, Mindful Leadership Expert and Founder of AWAKE EXEC® Conscious Career Design

Edita Testimonial

I was initially attracted to Your Spotlight Talk because of Alexia’s authentic and genuine presence. I instantaneously felt trust, and I knew I found a mentor that would help me refine my unique speaking style. The videos and handouts in Your Spotlight Talk offered immediate value. And observing Alexia’s presence, voice and style on camera in the videos was an invaluable experience. What I found especially helpful were the modules on structuring a talk and the vocal exercises.

My public speaking confidence skyrocketed after taking the virtual program and then attending The Spotlight MasterTreat.

Alexia has a special talent in helping you identify the slightest changes in how you use words to make your message even clearer. And during The Spotlight MasterTreats (I came back!), I got to observe Alexia’s feedback to other participants and truly respect how she recognizes each person’s unique personality and delivery style.

Edita Atteck, Founder,

Sandra Testimonial

As a 10-year Broadway veteran, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top coaches in the world. Alexia has all of the qualities I look for in a coach: keen eyes and ears, the ability to give honest, constructive feedback, and a taste-level I can trust. I admire Lex not only for her talent as a coach, speaker, and leader, but because she is a woman who champions other women. Your success is her success. If you have the opportunity to work with Alexia, know that you’ll be getting much more than a coach; you’ll have a cheerleader, a sister, and a compassionate guide who genuinely cares about you and your goals.

Sandra Joseph, Speaker/Singer, Broadway’s Longest-Running Christine in The Phantom of the Opera

Why I’m a speaking coach

Alexia Vernon In the Spotlight

As a kid, I was terrified to speak in public. My public speaking career began (rather unexpectedly) at age 19 when I won the Miss Junior America competition. I used my platform to launch a nonprofit girls' leadership organization in my community, and I spent the rest of my college years speaking in front of audiences and teaching a generation of young women just behind me how to own their voices and speak with power.

Although I had successfully positioned myself as an 'expert' in the field of young women's empowerment, without formal speaking training or mentors to learn from, the fear of public speaking I experienced as a kid resurfaced. Plus, all I could think about was being an actor. So I put my speaking career on hold. After college I moved to New York City to attend graduate school at NYU and live out my dream of being a performer.

From training in improv with The Second City, to leading professional development for an educational theatre company, to touring my own solo show throughout the country (as well as in Singapore!), I spent my twenties fully immersed in the biz of show.

In my acting training I learned how to breathe properly, take care of my voice, connect with an audience via story, and move through performance anxiety.

Through a series of happy accidents, I enrolled in a coach training program. While in that program, I received the opportunity to teach speech, theatre, and women's studies for a couple of New York and New Jersey colleges. My college teaching provided a playground to bring together my experiences in speaking, performing, and training. I developed and refined my approach to heart-centered, high impact communication and public speaking.

Shortly thereafter, I launched my own company to coach and train business and community leaders in heart-centered, high impact communication and public speaking. I also reignited my own speaking career.

I am blessed to support phenomenal women and men—from senior leaders of hotels and start-ups, to media personalities, to online entrepreneurs, to coaches and consultants, to artists and change agents—in crafting and performing their spotlight talks.

There was a time when it felt like everyone I knew wanted to be an actor. Now, I'm surrounded by people who would do anything to be in-demand, transformational speakers.

I'm tickled to fuse my passions for speaking, performing and human development by showing visionary entrepreneurs, change agents and thought leaders how to use public speaking to spread their ideas, grow their platforms and increase opportunities for themselves, their businesses and the causes they care about.

I wish I could spend a few hours with all of the people who know they have an important message to share, but my time and bandwidth are limited.

While a VIP day with me costs close to five-figures, I'm thrilled to offer coaching options for anyone who is ready to get on stage and share a spotlight talk.

When you invest in your voice, you give another woman the chance to find hers!

Credit: Kate Lord Photography + Films

Having begun my career in the nonprofit sector as an educator, and having supported scores of change agents and social entrepreneurs through my individual and group speaker coaching programs, I’m passionate about using my speaking and platform to provide opportunities for people in marginalized communities.

Starfish is a phenomenal impact organization dedicated to unlocking and maximizing the potential of young women to lead transformational change. Starfish believes the place where this change is most needed is Guatemala, which has the unfortunate distinction as home of this hemisphere’s worst gender equality gap. Starfish identified that Guatemalan girls are largely outside of the education system, illiterate and stuck in a cycle that has positioned them as overlooked citizens in their own communities. Starfish is changing this through its innovative, holistic and highly successful mentoring, educational, leadership and communication development programming for adolescent girls. And…Starfish is among the few organizations that is led and run by indigenous staff (Starfish in Guatemala is 85 percent female and 90 percent indigenous) from the same communities they serve.

I am deeply moved by the work of Starfish, and a portion of proceeds from every Spotlight sale (at every tier) will go directly to support Starfish’s programs.

I’m supporting Starfish with my investment in Your Spotlight Talk!

Tier 1

Your Spotlight Talk

  • In the virtual speaker coaching and training program, receive 4 interactive digital training modules (with 5+ hours of video training)
  • 5, weekly, 90-minute speaker coaching and training calls
  • Participation in lively Your Spotlight Talk Facebook community
  • Done-for-you templates, cheat sheets and worksheets
  • Awesome bonuses including (but not limited to) pitching scripts, a dressing for the stage digital guide and speaking meditations

6 recurring monthly payments of $145

Pay in full $750 and save $120!


Tier 2

Your Spotlight Talk + The Spotlight MasterTreat

  • Everything included in Tier 1 plus
  • Participation in 3-day The Spotlight MasterTreat experience from April 28-30, 2017 at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
  • Additional networking and relationship building in The Spotlight MasterTreat private Facebook group
  • Your Spotlight Webinar virtual training program
  • 3, 60-minute The Spotlight MasterTreat coaching circle calls (1 before and 2 after the live event)

4 recurring monthly payments of $387

Pay in full $1397 and save $151!


Tier 3

VIP Your Spotlight Talk + The Spotlight MasterTreat Experience
(Limited to 12)

  • Everything included in Tiers 1 and 2 plus
  • Perform an excerpt of your spotlight talk at The Spotlight MasterTreat
  • Receive professional videography and photography from The Spotlight MasterTreat performance
  • 60-minute, 1-on-1 speaker coaching session with Alexia to prepare for speaking at The Spotlight MasterTreat
  • Private VIP half-day speakers mastermind with Alexia on May 1, 2017 in Las Vegas immediately following The Spotlight MasterTreat
  • Attend The Spotlight MasterTreat Opening Night Reception with fellow VIP attendees, Alexia, members of her Spotlight Speakers Collective mastermind, and movers and shakers in the speaking and media world

5 recurring monthly payments of $667

Pay in full $2997 and save $338!


My Work is Recognized by

Alexia Vernon in the News

I want you to make your dream a reality just like these speakers I've had
the privilege of supporting to achieve their speaking success.

Danielle Ford Testimonial

My TEDxWomen talk was the first public speech I'd ever given—the first! I almost didn't audition because of my lack of experience. After I was chosen, Alexia worked with me and I learned how to deliver my talk in a way that let my personality shine through. My confidence as a speaker went though the roof with Alexia's coaching.

Since giving that speech, I've been interviewed by numerous media outlets and many more speaking opportunities have emerged.

Danielle Ford, Creative Marketing Strategist and TEDx Speaker

Jackie Jensen Testimonial

Alexia's coaching was very helpful for my first big talk, which happened on a TEDx stage. It allowed me to find my voice as both a professional and woman. It gave my ideas validity to a wider audience, increased my confidence, and pushed me to make a place in my community.

Alexia's guidance was so amazing I signed up for her public speaking coaching program. Through Alexia's thoughtful feedback I can now not only speak about professional subject matter to an audience but personal topics as well.

Jackie Jensen, Community Evangelist at @Piktochart and TEDx Speaker

Toshia Shaw Testimonial

Alexia approached my TEDx talk with patience, sensitivity, and understanding, all while holding me accountable. I wouldn't have been able to convert my traumatic tale into a story of hope and redemption without her.

Since working with Alexia I have been a beacon of hope for other sex violence survivors, seen an increase in my life-coaching business, and even secured a top speaking agent.

Toshia Shaw, Founder, Purple W.I.N.G.S., Keynote and TEDx Speaker

Do You Have Questions?
Well, I've Got Answers.

I'm not sure I understand exactly how the content will be delivered in the virtual Your Spotlight Talk program. Can you break it down for me?

Each module is comprised of video training where I walk you through what to do (and mistakes to avoid) as you develop, book, and deliver Your Spotlight Talk. I give oodles of examples and coaching prompts, and each module also has accompanying digital templates and practical exercises to get you into action quickly.

Also, this is not one of those digital programs where you will just hear my voice and see a bunch of bullet points. These interactive, professionally recorded and produced videos are of me speaking directly with you. I give you detailed instructions, model what to do—and in some cases what not to do—share examples relevant to entrepreneurs and thought leaders from across industries, coach you through the places where I know spotlight speakers can lose their way, and keep you in action. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh again. You WILL create, book, and perform the talk you are ready to share with the world if you show up and do the work.

While there will be some pre-work you can begin the moment you enroll in Your Spotlight Talk to support you in developing the mindset and habits to be successful in the program, the first module will be released (and you will be notified via email) on Monday, February 6, 2017, and a new module will be released each of the 3 following Mondays. You will be notified each week when it’s time to unlock and dive into new content in your membership quarters. Then, for 5 Thursdays (February 9-March 9, 2017), we will pow wow for a 90-minute coaching call where I will support you in transferring my training and putting it into action. During these calls I will provide direct laser coaching on your talk development, your delivery and on your pitching strategy.

If for any reason you should lose your login information, have trouble watching the videos or downloading supplemental materials, or simply need to ask a question, you can email us at, and we'll get you taken care of.

Couldn't I find all of this information in a book?

Nope. While some of the strategies for developing a successful talk or overcoming the fear of public speaking are similar to ones found in books, there is no book (or program) that takes an aspiring spotlight speaker through my effective step-by-step talk creation and booking process. Not only am I a successful speaker and speaking coach, but as a former TEDx event organizer, speaking professor and actor, I have a unique background that informs the curriculum and my dynamic, interactive delivery of it. Plus, with clients in over a dozen countries who are not only coaches and entrepreneurs but also CEOs, startup founders, media personalities, authors, academics, educators, nonprofit leaders and change makers, I have the experience necessary to create a program that can serve speakers across cultures, industries and sectors.

Through the video content of this program you see the process of developing your spotlight talk come to life. You receive coaching at the moments where you are likely to become stuck. have access to video interviews with event organizers as well as the support of a virtual community so you never feel like you are alone in this process.

Think of Your Spotlight Talk as having a speaking coach at your side the entire time you develop your transformational talk.

I've participated in virtual training programs before, and I often feel lost in the crowd. How will this program be different?

While you will be able to brainstorm ideas and solicit feedback from the community of other participants in our Facebook group, I've designed the videos so that you receive coaching from me each step of the way. I know the places in the talk development, booking and rehearsal process where you are likely to get stuck, succumb to overwhelm or disengage. I designed the curriculum to get you out of your own way so you get the results you and your future audiences need and deserve.

In this program you get access to my transformational coaching that has landed me on the White House blog, an opportunity to speak at the United Nations during the Commission on the Status of Women and face time with dozens of media outlets for a tiny fraction of what my private clients pay for individual coaching. I love what I do, and I'm excited to be able to give you the opportunity to experience my spotlight talk creation process at such an affordable rate.

Plus, as you see evidenced in the testimonials for the program, my participants get super impressive results. Between the virtual training and my coaching calls, Your Spotlight Talkers have been set-up with everything they need to go out and give TEDx talks, to keynote industry events, and to use their talks to convert audience members into ongoing, lucrative clients. And if you know that you want to receive 25+ hours of LIVE speaker coaching and training from me, I HIGHLY encourage you to enroll in Tier 2 or Tier 3 and come to The Spotlight MasterTreat.

I've noticed that your testimonials are from women. Can men benefit from Your Spotlight Talk as well?

Absolutely. While my coaching practice focuses on women, the virtual Your Spotlight Talk program is not gender specific. Men who are looking to touch the hearts of an audience by stepping into their vulnerability—something that western culture doesn't make easy for most guys but is the foundation of a spotlight talk—will particularly thrive in this program and global community.

Tiers 2 and 3, however, are reserved for the ladies.

What if I complete the program and I don't get booked to speak?

While I'm confident that if you give your all to this program and follow my guidance you will create a dynamite talk and be able to pitch it effectively to event organizers, I cannot promise that you will get booked. Therefore, this program will show you how to use your spotlight talk not only to speak on TEDx stages but also how to create opportunities to speak at companies, conferences, and community events. If you do the work, you will be speaking. And please remember, The Spotlight MasterTreat will extensively cover how to create multiple streams of speaking revenue, pitch and book high quality speaking gigs and build mutually beneficial relationships with fellow speakers and event organizers. If this is an area where you need support, be sure to enroll at Tier 2 or Tier 3!

I've got a lot on my plate right now. Wouldn't it be better to postpone until I can give the program more energy and attention?

I've designed all 3 tiers of Your Spotlight Talk for people who are doing important work in the world and are incredibly busy with their professional and personal lives.

Trust me. I get it. While designing this program I was home with my newborn and did not have a nanny or daycare. My husband traveled most weeks Monday-Saturday. There were many moments where I questioned if this was the right time to design and launch a virtual program. But I knew that if I waited until my daughter was a toddler or in elementary school I would never do it. And that would have been heartbreaking for both of us! When we are committed to achieving a goal, we ALWAYS find a way to put in the time and elbow grease.

If you know it's your time to create a spotlight talk and get speaking (or scale your speaking), you will fit this in (the virtual program and if it speaks to you, The Spotlight MasterTreat in Las Vegas). And you will give your all to this/these experience(s) because the discomfort of doing the work will feel far better than the discomfort of not following your dream!

Can you please remind me of what happens at The Spotlight MasterTreat?

The Spotlight MasterTreat is a mastermind-meets-retreat for new as well as seasoned female speakers who want to be equal parts transformational and profitable. Through a combination of group speaker coaching and training (where you will have ample direct access to me), interactive skill building, performance and strategic planning activities (where you will transfer my teaching into action), if you choose to participate you will leave this life-changing and life-charging weekend and have:

  • Adapted your spotlight talk for multiple kinds of speaking engagements
  • A keen understanding (and customized action plan) for how to use speaking to grow your business/revenue
  • The ability to create multiple streams of speaking revenue – and know how to compile necessary speaker marketing materials
  • Increased confidence in your storytelling, vocal range, persuasiveness and overall speaking skills
  • Forged mutually beneficial relationships with me, fellow participants and a small, carefully curated group of guest speakers.

Each day we will begin at 9am and go until 5pm or 6pm. Each day there will be an approximately 1.5-2-hour lunch break where MasterTreaters will be on their own. And on Saturday the 29th, there will be an evening Speaker Showcase (which everyone is invited and encouraged to attend). If you are enrolling in Tier 3, you will also attend our VIP Reception at 6:30pm on April 28 and our half-day private mastermind will be on May 1 from 9am-1pm.

The Spotlight MasterTreat will be held exclusively at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. While you are not required to stay at the event hotel, with some of the newest and most affordable rooms in Las Vegas, guests are encouraged to stay on site to allow for the maximum possible participant relationship building. Information on reserving your discounted room will be sent upon registration, and The Spotlight MasterTreat Facebook group can be used for finding a roommate, if that is of interest to you.

Additional logistical details regarding lodging, transportation, what to bring and how to prepare for the Speaker Showcase and Half-Day Mastermind (if enrolling at Tier 3), will be sent after registering.

What will be the schedule during The Spotlight MasterTreat?

While the exact schedule will not be set until closer to the event, it will resemble the following:

Thursday, April 27, 2017
Participants arrive and enjoy Downtown Las Vegas (and our incredible weather!)
Friday, April 28, 2017
9:00am-12:30pmTransformational (and Profitable) Speaker Training
12:30-2:30pmLunch Break
2:30-6:00pm Transformational (and Profitable) Speaker Training
6:30-8:30pmThe Spotlight MasterTreat VIP Reception
(for Tier 3 participants, my Spotlight Speakers Collective mastermind members and special guests in the speaking and media world)
Saturday, April 29, 2017
7:30-8:30amOptional Wellness Activities
9:00am-12:30pmTransformational (and Profitable) Speaker Training
12:30-2:30pmLunch Break
2:30-5:00pmTransformational (and Profitable) Speaker Training
7:00-9:00pmThe Spotlight MasterTreat Speaker Showcase
(Tier 3 participants will perform excerpts of their spotlight talks. Everyone is encouraged to attend this inspirational night!)
Sunday, April 30, 2017
7:30-8:30amOptional Wellness Activities
9:00am-12:30pmTransformational (and Profitable) Speaker Training
12:30-2:30pmLunch Break
2:30-6:00pmTransformational (and Profitable) Speaker Training
Monday, May 1, 2017
9:00am-1:00pmVIP Speaker Mastermind (and Lunch) with Alexia
(This experience is reserved for Tier 3 participants.)

I've been speaking already. Will this experience be too basic for me?

The Spotlight MasterTreat experience is designed for women busting big moves in their businesses, companies and communities who want to use speaking to make even more positive impact and generate additional income and opportunities. While some of the women from my past intensives are brand new to speaking (and some are new to their businesses after impressive first careers), others are already speaking up a storm and making six and in some cases seven-figures (and more) in their businesses. Successful keynote speakers, corporate trainers, TEDx speakers, retreat leaders and hotshot entrepreneurs both attend and are born at The Spotlight MasterTreat! I've been told one of my many gifts as a speaking mentor and coach is meeting women EXACTLY where they are at and giving them a safe space to practice and refine their speaking and business acumen to soar to their next level of success.

You, therefore, will crush it at the MasterTreat if you:

  • Are game to stretch outside your comfort zone in pursuit of realizing your dreams
  • Are open to coaching
  • Crave being in community with other women
  • Believe creativity and high performance must constantly be cultivated
  • Know that my passionate and playful teaching style are a match for your personality

Can you remind me of what my The Spotlight MasterTreat investment includes?

You bet. Your investment in The Spotlight MasterTreat covers all of the curriculum and main activities, your participant materials and several MasterTreat coaching circle calls.

Tier 3 also includes the opportunity to perform at the event, receive professional videography and photography from the performance, and attend the VIP Networking Reception and the post-event half-day mastermind. Accommodations, meals and transportation to and from the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino are NOT included.

Is there a way to enroll in The Spotlight MasterTreat without Your Spotlight Talk?

No! The Spotlight MasterTreat will build off of Your Spotlight Talk and go deep and delicious into additional speaker performance, marketing and sales areas. Therefore, the only way to attend The Spotlight MasterTreat is by also enrolling in Your Spotlight Talk.

If I don’t enroll in Tier 2 or Tier 3 now, can I upgrade at a later date?

Maybe. If spots remain, there may be an additional opportunity to enroll but you will not see this pricing again – nor will you see as generous of a payment plan. Note: My 10-month Spotlight Speakers Collective mastermind filled this year within 3 days of interviews. At a fraction of that cost, I anticipate Tier 3 spots will go quickly, so if you are considering the VIP Experience I encourage you to act IMMEDIATELY.

Your Spotlight Talk Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100 percent satisfied with Your Spotlight Talk, for the first 14 days we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply email us all of your completed assignments, and your full investment will be refunded to you.

Because of limited spots and the unique planning involved in creating The Spotlight MasterTreat, enrollment in Tier 2 and Tier 3 is non-refundable. But, up until 4-weeks prior to the event, you may transfer your registration to someone else (currently or previously) in Your Spotlight Talk if for any reason you are unable to make it. Alternatively, if your plans change, up until 4-weeks prior to the event you also can choose to apply your payment to select future Alexia Vernon Empowerment, LLC group programs.

So now it's time to
choose—once and for all.

If fear trumps your desire and commitment to get yourself on stage to share your spotlight talk and you don't believe you can do this, release this dream. Put your energy into realizing another dream you feel is within reach.

But if you know your fear is a sign you are on the cusp of something big—sharing the talk your life and experience have prepared you to give—push through the uncomfortable sensation to MAKE YOUR DREAM A REALITY.

The world needs your voice, your message, your transformational ideas.

So let's jam!

Tier 1

Your Spotlight Talk

  • In the virtual speaker coaching and training program, receive 4 interactive digital training modules (with 5+ hours of video training)
  • 5, weekly, 90-minute speaker coaching and training calls
  • Participation in lively Your Spotlight Talk Facebook community
  • Done-for-you templates, cheat sheets and worksheets
  • Awesome bonuses including (but not limited to) pitching scripts, a dressing for the stage digital guide and speaking meditations

6 recurring monthly payments of $145

Pay in full $750 and save $120!


Tier 2

Your Spotlight Talk + The Spotlight MasterTreat

  • Everything included in Tier 1 plus
  • Participation in 3-day The Spotlight MasterTreat experience from April 28-30, 2017 at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
  • Additional networking and relationship building in The Spotlight MasterTreat private Facebook group
  • Your Spotlight Webinar virtual training program
  • 3, 60-minute The Spotlight MasterTreat coaching circle calls (1 before and 2 after the live event)

4 recurring monthly payments of $387

Pay in full $1397 and save $151!


Tier 3

VIP Your Spotlight Talk + The Spotlight MasterTreat Experience
(Limited to 12)

  • Everything included in Tiers 1 and 2 plus
  • Perform an excerpt of your spotlight talk at The Spotlight MasterTreat
  • Receive professional videography and photography from The Spotlight MasterTreat performance
  • 60-minute, 1-on-1 speaker coaching session with Alexia to prepare for speaking at The Spotlight MasterTreat
  • Private VIP half-day speakers mastermind with Alexia on May 1, 2017 in Las Vegas immediately following The Spotlight MasterTreat
  • Attend The Spotlight MasterTreat Opening Night Reception with fellow VIP attendees, Alexia, members of her Spotlight Speakers Collective mastermind, and movers and shakers in the speaking and media world

5 recurring monthly payments of $667

Pay in full $2997 and save $338!

Marcie Mauro Testimonial

I’ve got one word for Alexia. “Masterful.” She is so talented and powerful in the most caring yet direct way. She sees right through our inner nonsense and calls us forward while calling us out on where we can grow. Watching Alexia facilitate The Spotlight MasterTreat gave me a ton of ideas for how to incorporate speaking, workshops and retreats in my future!!!

More than any other experience for my professional or personal growth, working with Alexia in Your Spotlight Talk and The Spotlight MasterTreat has blown me away from start to finish. She is incredible at what she does and her unparalleled professionalism is both inspiring and completely genuine.

Marcie Mauro, Mindset Expert, Speaker, Intuitive

Licia Morelli Testimonial

Working with Alexia is a must for anyone wanting to put themselves in front of audiences to build their business. She really gives you concrete, results-oriented strategies as well as know-how to master the delivery of your material.

Licia Morelli, Psychic, Speaker, Coach and Author, The Lemonade Hurricane

Samantha Cunningham Testimonial

After working with Alexia I have found confidence as a leader and public speaker. Previously I was timid, vulnerable, and insecure with my wording, topic, posture, and voice. I evolved by taking her course and learning how to uncover attributes about me that I did not know existed based on stepping out of my comfort zone. I have given multiple presentations in front of groups larger than 40 since I worked with Alexia. I FINALLY feel comfortable with myself and my presentations. Alexia connects with her students and makes sure they are successful and feel comfortable about their speaking.

Samantha Cunningham, Recruiting Account Executive

Lisa Ferrell Testimonial

In the beginning of Alexia's program I was very apprehensive about speaking in front of an audience and found it challenging to tell my story. Alexia's coaching style is excellent. She brought sensitivity, understanding, and the right knowledge to help me find my voice and tell my story in a compelling fashion. She had the ability to connect with me where I was at, and coach me to a level where I was able to ascend to a place of courage and conviction to reach my audience with confidence. Alexia's course has propelled me to take my speaking in any direction of my choosing. No more obstacles or unfounded fears!

Lisa Bybee Ferrell, Success Coach