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Praise for Your Spotlight Talk

Sandi Herrera Testimonial

With Alexia's help, my speaking evolved into that of a woman who is vulnerable, yet articulate and inspirational. I use my Moxie skills to lead workshops with entire school communities, speak at national conferences, inspire others to articulate their individual core values, and make a difference. With continued guidance and support from Alexia I know that I am on the right path to changing the world one school at a time with the power of my voice!

Sandi Herrera, CEO, Got Core Values and TEDx Speaker

Christina Ambubuyog Testimonial

Working with Alexia was phenomenal. Even though I was comfortable teaching in front of groups, I definitely wasn't fully comfortable speaking in front of an audience. I knew I wanted to "find my voice," get cozy in my skin while on stage, and weave in the ability to tell stories for greater impact with my message. My time with Alexia provided me with that...and so much more.

Christina Ambubuyog, Founder of and TEDx Speaker

Chris Darling Testimonial

I knew Your Spotlight Talk was going to help me figure out how to put together a talk - rather than be just another program on how to use speaking to grow your business. Alexia's video trainings and digital downloads were EXTREMELY helpful. I listened to every word...a few times! Alexia provides coaching, guidance and mentorship on not just your content but also on how to find your speaking style and master your delivery. Less than 6 months after completing the training (and then joining Alexia for her MasterTreat), I pitched myself, was picked and was standing on stage delivering a TEDx talk at TEDxWilmingtonSalon. For anyone considering enrolling in this program, know that you will NEVER find a better mentor or coach when it comes to crafting a TED-style talk, or any talk, than Alexia. She is a rare find. My confidence as a speaker has gone from zilch to..."Hey, I can really do this, AND do it well."

Chris Darling, Mental Health Advocate and TEDx Speaker

Toshia Shaw Testimonial

Alexia approached my TEDx talk with patience, sensitivity, and understanding, all while holding me accountable. I wouldn't have been able to convert my traumatic tale into a story of hope and redemption without her.

Since working with Alexia I have been a beacon of hope for other sex violence survivors, seen an increase in my life-coaching business, and even secured a top speaking agent.

Toshia Shaw, Founder, Purple W.I.N.G.S., Keynote and TEDx Speaker

Varelie Croes Testimonial

As a woman in finance, there is nothing I love more than investing in high-value products like Your Spotlight Talk that deliver bottom-line results. Since completing this life changing program, I got clear on my story and message to the world, spoke at a global changemaker event at the World Bank, landed not one but TWO TEDx talks ( was voted favorite speaker at one of them!), and I am now invited to speak at major events all over the world. This was all within just 6 months of signing up for YST. Coming from a corporate and legal background, my speaking style used to be very matter-of-factly (i.e., stiff). YST was exactly what I needed to craft and deliver my presentations in an authentic voice and a style that suits me, and I still go back to some of my favorite modules whenever I have a big speaking gig coming up to refresh.

Varelie Croes, CEO, The Liv Group and TEDx Speaker